About me

I'm a collaborative, user-focussed designer who loves solving design problems and exploring the possibilities of new technologies. I currently reside in the rolling hills of Bolsover, Derbyshire with my disturbingly footy-mad wife.

Ever since I discovered I could sell my rather crude drawings of Ninja Turtles to my school chums for 10p a pop, I knew that I wanted to be in the creative industries when I grew up.

Nurturing this entrepreneurial spirit, I learned to marry my enthusiasm for technology and design and forged a career in the web, which I've been doing for over 8 years.

Out of work I enjoy hiking, procrastinating about making my first graphic novel, going to gigs and watching/nattering about movies.

I also like to bore people rigid about the time I helped convince Eddie Izzard to have lunch at the School I worked at, but I really don't like to talk about it.