Project Summary

The Pensions Regulator is the UK’s regulator of work-based pensions. As part of the Pensions Act 2008, all employers in the UK must put certain staff into an auto-enrolled pension scheme and contribute towards it. They wanted to redevelop a subsection of their site to help small employers know what they need to do to meet the requirements for auto-enrolment.

I was part of a small team of designers and developers who worked together to conceptualise and define the visual direction of the project and develop the CMS. This concept work was then used by team members to develop the final visual look in code.

I also produced a series of illustrations used as part of a question triage process. These illustrations were then taken by our animation team and developed into short videos and animated gifs to bring a little character and friendliness to what is traditionally a very dry and boring process.

I also contributed to the overall front-end coding of the website, which was developed with a custom Bootstrap theme.

The site was recently ranked number one from SiteMorse for central government websites, above, the first time it has ever achieved this ranking.

Homepage screenshot Homepage screenshot